2013: 13 Things To Be Thankful For


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These are just the noticeable ones 🙂 Imagine the little blessings I received numerously, that are too many too mention, and I can readily say 2013 was a really good year for me. 😉

  1. JAN. I lost Illium the Kindle last December 2012, but I found courage to buy the same model (Kindle 3G) and color, naming it Illium II. *fist pump*
  2. Best Friend with Benefits (BFB) gifted me a new bookshelf to house my read books (yes, I have a separate shelf for my TBR pile, so shush!).
  3. FEB. I got to treat my family to a summer outing. Yay!
  4. MAR. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Tagaytay 🙂 Something laid-back, since we usually go out-of-town to celebrate.
  5. MAY. I was blessed enough to be sent to the United States for a week-long business trip. And I get to visit Barnes & Noble (it was so big, I was googly eyes over it!), so wow. And the food-tripping, man! Very enjoyable. =P

    dinner at Texas Roadhouse

    dinner at Texas Roadhouse

  6. JUN. Again, I was fortunate enough to be studying again, and as gruelling as it was for 5 months, it was worth it. Yeah, I did zero travel, but the sacrifice was worth it! I gained new knowledge (I hope I did), but most importantly, I gained new friends (Hello, group SPO!).
  7. JUN, JUL, OCT. For birthday celebrations, we went a bit grand than usual. We went to a dinner buffet each time, and even stayed for a night in one hotel for a staycation. Sweet, right?
  8. AUG. The most difficult part of the year was when we were flooded knee-deep inside our house 😦 It helped that no one was hurt, and little damage was done to our stuff. Just major, major house cleaning. It took us 2 weeks…!
  9. NOV. Macbook Air was my #1 wish list, and come November, it was granted by who else? BFB. Oh yeah. Say hello to Park, guys!

    Park the Macbook Air

    Park the Macbook Air

  10. DEC. My mom and dad are healthy, as in we did not visit the hospital even if they are in their 60’s already.
  11. Work proved very challenging, but I actually managed to rise up (and stomp my detractors to dust! Okay, that’s a joke. Heh.).
  12. My baby boy is growing up to be this smart, charming kid that I am amazed everyday that this little miracle is mine. 😀 Plus the coolest husband ever, BFB – you rock.
  13. Despite my busy schedule, I pushed to see my friends as much as I could. These people, who do not begrudge me of my brutal frankness, are still here for me. And I salute you! To my awesome friends (especially who gave me this birthday blog, I am not done thanking you yet, so just wait :)), you know who you are, I bet. Let’s stay awesome together, yes?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s time to take that leap.




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Lemme be your sugar…!


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Why are we even friends, JL?

It’s true that we can never get our stomachs full if we sit together while we eat. We have proven time and time again just how much of a moot point that one is. But we still hang out during dinner, right? In spite of the chances that we will look dumb, or stupid, or embarrassing, we risk it.

Is that called friendship?

I admit that I do not like you at first impression. Who would? Haha, kidding! It’s just that I don’t go befriending guys who are conyo, smiley, and… smiley. Hee. You know I am judgmental, so what? But we still find many things to talk about. How we share our common love for fantasy books. Or how we can ask every person anything you want. Yes, you are inquisitive. But that’s what I like about you. When you ask about my opinion, I thought, finally! Someone values what I have to say! *ahem*

Does that mean we are friends?


JL! Thank you for your birthday asshat message!

We haven’t talked much this year, yes? My fault, I guess. I was busy! Anyway, let’s remedy that next year.

I miss eating by your side =) good times! Let’s do that again. Next time, I’ll make sure you snort some liquid out of your nose. Ha!

See you soon, and hope we’ll share more laughters in the future.




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A Day without Sunshine

image from we heart it

image from we heart it

… is well, you know, night.

(I was surprised that you are a fan of Steve Martin.)

I envy you, you know. Pretty… Innocent.. Young. *sigh*

(Now you’re making me feel so darn old.)

I think the most serious talk we had was about a guy making the moves on you (but you are kind, and good, and you can’t…). Ha! But back then, I saw you, years from now, and I realized, you are going to break hearts, without you even knowing it. And what an awesome power will that be, right?


I want to get to know you more, because I feel you can learn tons from me (and cue thunder and lightning!). LOL

Seriously though, I just don’t want you to get hurt. Before you know it, college is over, and you are suddenly neck-deep in the real, f*cked-up world. And I want to prepare you, not just for the bad things (cross fingers) but for the awesome stuff as well.

So… let’s grab a bite soon! I miss you, that is all.



I am more than willing to share with you the laughs that you need. I will be a clown for you, just so you can smile beautifully (and enigmatically) every single day that you have.

I am here.

You know where to find me, so please, find me. (And let’s laugh like there is no tomorrow.)

Thank you so much for your birthday greeting! I know you are busy, but still, you made it. Ha!

My advice to you is this: Take the leap, whether in life or in love. or both. Haven’t you heard? It’s the year of the brave. =)



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Welcome to Battleschool.


So ‘Bean’ was the first TFG member I met (because Kwesi is such a no show, boo!).

Guess where we hunted for books?




Edsa Central Mall in Shaw Blvd. MRT station. I remembered we went to BookSale, then to Chapters and Pages, then to another book shop I cannot recall the name (it sells stuff toys, too).

I recalled that I was hesitant to meet up ‘coz hello, eyeball ito. But I figured, if I did not enjoy the company, I can always zone out and and pretend to listen while we search for bargain books (yeah, I can do that haha).

In reality: it was better than expected. ‘Bean’ was so talkative, I do not even remember if we had awkward pauses in between conversations! So imagine me browsing the shelves, and ‘Bean’ shadowing me while he asked incessantly if I read this book or that one. Ha!

I smiled at the memory. It was the first, and there were also others after that. That one time ‘Bean’ and Kwesi accompanied me to Lauren Oliver’s book signing event?

  • 8am – Hitchhiker’s book discussion over breakfast
  • 2pm – Lauren Oliver’s book signing
  • 6pm – The Hunger Games movie watching

Man, I was so exhausted!

But it was fun, awesome even. 🙂 My sidekick ‘Bean’ spending time with me. *grins*



Thank you for greeting me on my birthday!

It’s been awhile since we last hang out, yeah?

I will read Blood Song once I purge Tigana out of my system (because it made me sad).

It can only be you who can urge me to read science fiction again and again, and me liking it again and again. =)

Let’s schedule another book hunting trip soon!

– Andrew



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How old is your soul?

image from we hearit it

image from we heart it

I don’t like him, I thought. I figured I could steer clear from him to avoid unnecessary conflicts. I liked him even less when he declared Divergent was $&@#%€£ (I’m embellishing here, but the truth is that he does not like it, even though he has not read it yet (what?)). It was a favorite book, then. Ha!

I see that you’ve come so far

I cannot pinpoint the exact event when I started to warm to him. Could’ve have been any of those gimmicks that we are both present. I still don’t like him sometimes (kidding!).

Could it be during Alabat? Tagaytay? F2F post-discussion meetups until the wee hours of the morning?

Man, I am such a senior citizen. Memory gap, my apologies.

But he is in my A(wesome) people list. Well, why not? Anyone who calls me pretty woman is definitely on the top of my list. =))

I’ll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find

There’s so much I can learn from him! but I hope he learned something from me, from our brief exchanges of life secrets (or regular gossiping about other people, because hey, we are both mang-ookray!)

Aaron, I know you always got my back, and I am thankful for that. If finally you get serious in life, come find me and we’ll talk of things that could be life-altering for you (chos!).

I might be a serial killer, but you… see you in chains beside my cell in the future, brother. Hahaha

(I can’t seem to write anything serious here)

How about you give me a burned CD of Mumford and Sons? (this is me getting serious. :D) I want to get to know them.

Thank you for such a cool birthday post, dear. I look forward to sharing more memories (and songs) with you. 🙂

I’m still looking up.



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Old Habits Die Hard

image from we heart it

image from we heart it

August 2012

It was my first time to miss F2F, and it was Mae’s first time to attend one. Chami (the traitor) told me that he found a yosi buddy. When I saw her face in the group picture, I cannot believe the irony. It was my best friend’s face coming back to life.

(Yes, dear. You look exactly like her, as I told you before.)

Inwardly, I think I struggled on how May and I can be friends, because the face staring back at me when I look at her is one I’d rather forget (her name is H).

So I don’t know how it came that we managed to gravitate toward each other. I wasn’t exactly the friendly type. So I took my time, just making jokes here and there when she’s near, never really divulging anything about myself.

Then she talked about he-who-must-not-be-named. That boy that brings out the theatrics from her (haha). And suddenly, she was kin. (Oh yes, I know what it’s like to be on we-are-friends-sometimes-we-are-more-than-that-but-lets-not-talk-about-labels boat.) I now knew how we can talk about stuff, as I love hearing people talk about their ups and downs on their love lives.

(And your HEA, my friend, is still being written. So patience, please. :D)

December 2012

New Year’s Eve. I got a GR message from Mae, saying something about she’s intimidated at me in the beginning (I’m sorry about that), but that I’m nice naman (ahem). So may I have a happy new year ahead! It was nice, receiving notes such as this. Made me think I am not unlikeable for the rest of the year pala, LOL.

Fast forward 2013

I was casually asking about everyone from TFG, since I am barely there this year, and I learned about Mae’s struggle that time. I was deeply affected, because I felt I am suffering with her (I am a daddy’s girl). I hope she’s alright, I tell her then.

Mae-Mae, thank you so much for your birthday post to me! I don’t usually make friends with English-speaking girls, but for you, I can make an exception. Haha!

Thank you for being there for Chami, when I cannot make it. When work restricts me, or family time limits me. Let’s cry like a bunch of old ladies when we watch Les Miserables again, alright?

I will always be there for you, should you need me. =)



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The Enemy’s Gate is Down

Remember that phrase? I remember before that I kept on pushing you to read Game and Shadow and fortunately, you both read them. Haha. Anyway, I couldn’t find photos of us together to post here but it doesn’t measure our friendship, does it? I’m not really good at this so I’ll just drop by to greet you Happy Birthday! Will see you soon! Yey!

-Julian Delphiki

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